Open rehearsal
Martina Tomner, Ida Höög, Natalie Eriksson, Emily Willman, Ola Rubin, Agata Tuchołka
Location: Red Room

Duration: 18.15-21.00

‘Des/information’ is an interactive performance which problematizes our perception of reality in a digital environment and the contemporary view of cultural expressions as easily digestible entertainment, to be consumed and then instantly forgotten. The aim is to explore phenomena such as filter bubbles and echo chambers where our opinions and prejudices are reinforced and never questioned. We are surrounded by fast “news” and clips which are intended to make us react emotionally without critically considering the source. The role of music in society at large mirrors this. A lot of music is made to be used in the background, with the purpose of enhancing a mood or selling a product. It slips into our subconscious without challenging us intellectually. Social media influence our way of perceiving reality.

Event dates
28 September, 18:15