Lea Porsager
Location: Red Room

Lea Porsager, PhD student at Malmö Art Academy, will present and defend her doctoral thesis in Fine Arts in the Red Room, IAC.

“CUnT-SPLICING THOUGHT-FORMS – Promiscuous Play with Quantum Physics and Spirituality” could perhaps best be described as an invocation of excited states. In more ways than one, this dissertation indulges in a weird threesome between quantum thinking, tantric practices, and feminist theory, with artistic practice at its core. It proposes the term “cunt-splicing” – a reference to ropework and the so-called cunt splice (a.k.a. cut splice) knot. A tool to conceptualize the rubbing and knitting together of fields as (seemingly) distinct as quantum physics, feminist theory, and tantric technology, in order to examine how changing fibers, flows, and currents can generate excited states.

Opponent: Dr. Siún Hanrahan, National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Where (on site): Red Room, Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö.

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Stripped, 2021, Lea Porsager, photo by David Stjernholm

Event dates
16 December, 10:00