Pieces for Piano + “Electronics” / “Usignuolo”
Emil Ernström
Location: Red Room

Two new works presented by the composer. “Pieces” outlines several configurations of piano and electronics, where the computer “listens” to the pianist, incorporating audio data into a series of sound synthesis operations. “Usignuolo” explores the boundaries of the voice, building off samples of speech, song, and sound that collide and coalesce.

Duration of the programme: about 30 minutes.

The concert will be followed by “Acousmatic Extra!”, starting at 20.00. Read more about the concert “Acousmatic Extra!” here.

Emil graduated from Yale College with a BA in music, and studied composition with Kathryn Alexander and Konrad Kaczmarek. He is currently pursuing a MM at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, where he studies composition with Bent Sørensen.

Visit Emil’s artist page – emilernstrom.com

Event dates
29 April, 19:00