Plastic extensions of music / Exhibition
Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete

Opening hours: Mon–Thu: 10.00–16.00, Fri: 10.00–20.00

Location: Café area

Plastic Extension is a new form of music interpretation that goes beyond translation, synaesthesia or musical analysis. This form of creative criticism takes the instrumental interpretation of a work (the praxis) as a gleaning phase, a poietic process preceding the plasticity of an art work, becoming an intervention in music performance.

The score, the instrumental practise and the performance become an incompleteness of the interpretation, creating a diverse and heterogenous collection of materials that take part in this new creative process.

This new form of “expression” generates a multiplicity of outputs by recycling the artistic impressions generated in performance, but also affecting at the same time the same performance and instrumental practise through this new and different perspectives.

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Event dates
18 October, 10:00
19 October, 10:00
20 October, 10:00
21 October, 10:00
22 October, 10:00
23 October, 10:00
24 October, 10:00
25 October, 10:00
26 October, 10:00
27 October, 10:00
28 October, 10:00
29 October, 10:00