Pleased to meet you – A Performative Encounter with the More-Than-Human
By Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir in collaboration with Charlotte Østergaard

Dates/time: Tuesday to Thursday, 7–9 March, 14:00–18:00. No registration required.

Location & Access: Café/Research Platform, IAC, 4th floor, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö. Door code 123 at the entrance.

What is the language of bacteria, minerals, plants, the sky, a brick wall? Have you heard the voice of your home? Did you ever thank the grass for its services to you? What does a tree have to say to you about sadness? What do you have to say to the tree about love?

“Please to meet you” deals with how humans relate to their environment.

The piece is the fourth and the concluding part of an artistic research project “How Little is Enough?” conducted by Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir at Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University. The project aims to develop sustainable performance methods through transformative encounters in relation-specific performances, with a particular focus on how minimal and sustainable the framework can be. In this last work of the series the performative encounter is between a human guest and a non-human host.

“Please to meet you” is not only a work in progress but also an experiment in posthuman performance approach, testing ways for humans to engage with the more-than-human dimension; plants, animals, man made objects, and other non-human phenomena, in a performative setting.

There are three separate works to be explored. Each work comes as a parcel that can be collected at IAC to be returned no later than one hour later.

Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir is a PhD research fellow at Theater Academy of Malmö and a part of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School at University of Lund. Steinunn is a performance maker working with sustainable, relation specific and participatory encounters. She has worked as a director, writer, dramaturg and a performer in Iceland, UK, USA, Scandinavia and beyond. Steinunn was a dramaturg at the City Theater in Reykjavik a lecturer and a dean at the Department of Performing Arts in IUA Reykavík and artistic leader of Webtheater Room 408 and The Professional Amateurs. She is a mother of three, an amateur potter, theologian and practices forest bathing. Her PhD project is called “How Little is Enough? Sustainable Methods of Performance for Transformative Encounters”.

Learn more about Steinunn’s 75% PhD seminar “How Little is Enough” on the 9th of March.

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Event dates
7 March, 14:00
8 March, 14:00
9 March, 14:00