Premiere screening of HESTIA and artist talk
Hans Carlsson
Location: Red Room

17.00 – Doors
17.30 – Screening, Hestia (20 min)
17.50 – Artist talk: Anna Johansson and Hans Carlsson (30 min)

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a limited number of seats, attend the FB-event to be sure to get a seat.

This is Hestia’s – the Greek goddess who was given the hearth and the home as her divine domain – story about herself. But HESTIA is also about the history of the home, from antiquity to the present day: a tale of household deities, collective dwellings, utopian projects and of homes that are no homes, but investments in the era of market capitalism.

The screening will be preceded by an artist talk with Hans Carlsson and Anna Johansson (Malmö Art Museum). The talk and screening will last for about one hour. The film is in Swedish with English subtitles. The artist talk will be in Swedish.

The film Hestia (21’32’’) is made by Hans Carlsson (Actor: Helene Björkman; Assistant Director: Lisa Quartey) and produced by Malmö Art Museum in collaboration with MKB and Inter Arts Center. The film will be showcased in the winter/spring of 2022 in connection with an exhibition about homes at the Malmö Art Museum. The film is now part of Malmö Art Museum’s collection.

Learn more about Hans Carlsson as long-term collaborator at IAC.

Event dates
24 August, 17:30