Seminar on Transformative Resonance & the Arts
Malmö Theatre Academy
Location: Red Room

In this seminar, the fourth in the series of the annual “& the Arts” seminars, we invite scholars with an interest in ways of being in society as researchers/artists/teachers/citizens, exploring sustainable knowledge building in Academia. Thinking with resonance (Rosa, 2019) we have curated the seminar to stimulate co-thinking on our relationships to the world. There are no parallel sessions, and the invited presenters represent a wide range of disciplines. We know from previous seminars that the multiple starting points and presentation styles contribute to a vivid sense of engagement in the discussions that follow all presentations.

Seminar on Transformative Resonance & the Arts
Social change, Accountability, and Imagination
7–8 November (07/11, 09:15 to approx. 22:00, 08/11, 09:00-17:30)
Location: Red Room

For registration, please send an e-mail to before the 3rd of November.

Download the programme as PDF here (694 kB, new tab)

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Event dates
7 November, 09:15
8 November, 09:00