Sharing: Remote Performance Skåne
Region Skåne residency
Location: Red Room

Duration: 14.00-16:00

Join the event live via Zoom and the following link. 

During the autumn, ShareMusic & Performing Arts are working with competence development where they are learning the technology for their remote performance platform during the Region Skåne residency.

At the event, you will get an introduction to the technology from X-system and Jacktrip and take part of the experiences from the residency. You will not only get the chance to listen to some music created remotely during the residency – you will also get the opportunity to try the creative technology yourself.

The uniqueness of this event is that you and the others in the audience will be at IAC, while the musicians will be situated at Furuboda folk high school, Glimåkra folk high school, and at Kulturhuset Ravinen in Båstad. On site in Malmö, you’ll also meet Professor Nigel Osborne, composer and Chief Technology Officer at X-System Ltd.


The event is free of charge, but you need to register. Send an email to with your name and your hometown. The venue is accessible but let us know if you want sign language interpretation or other accessibility to be able to participate. We will do our very best to meet your needs. We need your registration before October 21.

Photo: ShareMusic & Performing Arts

More information

Via this link you can read more about the project Remote Performance in Skåne

Here is a link to the webpage of X-system Ltd

Here is a link to the webpage of Jacktrip

Read more about ShareMusic and their Region Skåne Residency at IAC

Event dates
27 October, 14:00