Sömndagboken (The Sleep Journal)
Karin Lindstén, Nadja Ericsson
Location: Black Room

Friday, 12 January, 19:00 to 22:00 / Live performance at 19:15
Saturday, 13 January, 12:00 to 17:00

Two archives containing selected and stored footage, two parallel lines drawn out. Images interlacing, corresponding, merging and separating. Momentarily, duplicates emerge as reflections and double exposures. Sometimes the image acts as a map, sometimes as a calendar, where place and time has been given new significance. A silent film in the making, a sleep journal, a landscape for a gothic noir.

The project is a collaboration between the visual artists Karin Lindstén and Nadja Ericsson. The video installation The Sleep Journal is screened with live electronics by composer and musician Ola Bergman, at Inter Arts Center, January 12th, at 19:15. The installation remains open to the public after the performance and the following day.

Visit Karin Lindsten artist page – karinlindsten.com

Visit Nadja Ericsson’s artist page – naer.info

Event dates
12 January, 19:00
13 January, 12:00