Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visual. Nordic festival for sonic art.
Stefan Klaverdal, Jaako Junnila, Mathias Kristersson, Kajsa Magnarsson, Jonas Olesen, Margarethe Pettersen, Aki Asgeirsson, Ana Gutieszca , Mattias Elfstorp, Jukka Ruohomäki , Aki Asgeirson, Margrethe Iren Pettersen, Funkhaus Lund
Location: Red Room

Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visual, is a Sonic Art Festival in Malmö. The Festival consists of concerts and performances by Sound Artists and Musicians from the Nordic countries, and a seminar and a networking meeting which reflects and comments Sound Art.

Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visuals is an initiative by the Association C-Y (ContemporarY) in Malmö, Artists’ Association Muu in Helsinki and the North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) in Svolvær, in collaboration with Inter Arts Center and C’est bon kultur in Malmö. The event is curated by Stefan Klaverdal.

The Festival is supported by Malmö Stad and Region Skåne.

We can’t close our ears. Therefore sound can be both a bliss and a disturbance in life. Sound can affect our emotions immediately, without any thought or explanation. It’s an expression that is increasingly used and loved by artists and audience and there is a need for events and opportunities to put the light on what it really is: an artistic expression of its own right.

The audience will be given the opportunity to experience installations, videos live performances and hear music from scores of experimental music of different genres, from ambient, drone and noise to electroacoustics – and collaborations between sound artists and comic book writers in live sessions

Concerts / Performances at Inter Arts Center (red room)

Friday 10 February at 19:00 Featuring live performances by:

Kajsa Magnarsson (SWE)
Jonas Olesen (DK)
Jaakko Junnila (FI)
Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel (NO)
Ana Gutieszca (FI)
Jakob Riis (SWE)

Saturday 11 February  at 15:00

Panel talk: What is Sound Art? Participating artists.

Saturday 11 February at 17:00

Leif Jordansson + Ensemble for New Music + artists perform Graphic scores

Saturday 11 February at 19:30

Kirsti Meiers, audio (SWE) + Gonzalo Rodrigez de las Heras, visual (SWE)
Funkhaus Lund (SWE)
Margrethe Iren Pettersen (NO)
Aki Asgeirson (IS)
Jukka Ruohomäki (FI)
Noise Against Fascism (Mathias Kristersson), audio (SWE) + Mattias Elfstorp, visual (SWE)

Additional program, running non-stop both days:

Comic Book Writers from Hybriden exhibit related work
Performance-installation by Alessandro Perini
Installation by Maxime Hourani from the Malmö Art Academy
Installation by Fabio Monni
Performance Voyage 6, a series of international video performances produced by MUU
C-Y records
Sound Art Bank and Muu for Ears
Sound Art Café
Logokalyps from Ljudkonstgalleriet (installation)

Sound Art Seminar, Friday 10 February, Seminar Room A
The seminar is addressed to the wider audience interested in either audiovisual arts or experimental music and sound art
Seminar is free, seats are limited. Registration mandatory at

1400 Timo Soppela and Rita Leppiniemi on archiving, networking and Sound Art Bank
1420 Alessandro Perini on his work
1440 Svein Pedersen Sound collaborations in North of Norway
1500 Kent Olofsson on theatre and sound art
1520 Frans Mossberg on sound art in Ljudmiljöcentrum, Lund University
1540 Kajsa Magnarsson on sound art in Gothenburg and Konstmusiksystrar
1600 Leo Nilsson covers a brief history on Sound Art in Sweden
1620 Jukka Ruohomäki covers a brief history on Sound Art in Finland

Free Entrance to all parts of the festival!

Additional program aimed toward professionals and students:

Network Meeting, Saturday 11 February, Seminar Room A
Alongside the sound art event, a Nordic networking seminar for cultural actors will be arranged where professionals interested in Sound Art can meet and exchange ideas. It will take place between 0930-1400 and include breakfast and lunch.

NOTE: Seats are limited. Registration mandatory at

Event dates
10 February, 19:00
11 February, 15:00