SOUND SPACES 2021 – Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete / Something in between
Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete
Location: Red Room

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete is an artist with various working methods that have their origin in sound, based on musical interpretation as a creative criticism, moving towards intervention and creation, both in music and in the plastic arts.

As an interpreter, Bertrand has premiered more than 70 works [:: guitar | guitar and electronics | electric guitar ::] playing in the most important halls and festivals in Europe and America [[:: Festival d’Automne à Paris | Festival Internacional de Guitarra de México | Quincena Musical Donostiarra | Gaida Festival | Time of Music ::] as a soloist and in chamber music.

In the field of composition his works use a wide panorama of devices. String quartet, douleur exquise, theatre,, experimental music.

In 2021, he will be a composer-in-residence at the Civitella-Ranieri Foundation.

He currently lives and works in Paris, France and is an Artistic Research Fellow PhD at Lund University in Sweden.


Brian Ferneyhough (UK, 1943) – Kurze Schatten II (1983-89)

for guitar

Pascale Criton (France, 1954) – Plis (2003) Swedish Premiere

for amplified guitar in 1/12 tuning

Fernando Garnero (Argentina, 1976) – Interlude (2014) Swedish Premiere

for electric guitar

Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete (Mexico-Spain, 1978)

Two poems

fomio (2020) Swedish Premiere

for sirimcho, loop pedal and objets

imaôsenå (2021) World Premiere

for electric guitar

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Read more about Bertrand as PhD student at IAC

Event dates
3 July, 19:00
Ticket prices dates
50 kr, free for students (schoolcard required)