Oona Libens

Location: HAUT, Staldgade 26-30, DK-1699 Kopenhagen

Duration: 14.00-15.30

During her IN PROCESS week at HAUT Oona Libens investigates the relationship between binary technology and weaving, as part of a bigger question about how the digital technology could be defined by curiosity and inclusivity instead of commerce and surveillance. As a culmination of the artistic research HAUT and IAC invite you into the space for a work-sharing of “Spindeltråd” (Spider threads). The sharing will be followed by a feedback session where you as an audience are encouraged to participate.

Participation is FREE, but due to COVID-19 restrictions there are only have 20 audience seats available.

RESERVATION: Reserve your seat by sending an email with your name and the number of requested seats to linette@hautscene.dk – please mark the subject line “Spider threads”.

The work of Oona Libens (Sweden/Belgium) is mostly light and shadow based and combines science and technology with a poetic visual language into almost-puppet, almost-cinema performances.

Read more about Oona’s artistic research – hautscene.dk

Read more about the IN PROCESS residency at HAUT and IAC

Event dates
25 October, 14:00
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free entrance / registration required
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