Talk: Deconstructing the Actor-Musician: Body and Scenic Action. / Inter Feral Arts
Mauricio Carrasco
Location: Galleri 21, Rådmansgatan 5, 211 46 Malmö

This Artistic introduction will analyse the figure of the Actor-Musician within academic new music theatre works. It will question the interpreter’s somatic and intuitive intelligence, their performative gesture, and how their shared background as classically trained musicians can be enriched by other performative art practices such as dance, theater, and performance.

A proposal taking elements from Body-Mind Centering and physical theatre practices (Jan Fabre, Lloyd Newson), inter alia, will be analysed to complement the Actor-Musician training and contribute to the necessary bodily consciousness and awareness to perform challenging new music theatre works successfully.

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Event dates
18 October, 19:00