Talk: Facial recognition and hybrid art / Inter Feral Arts
Daniel Zea
Location: Galleri 21, Rådmansgatan 5, 211 46 Malmö

Lecture around The Love Letters? (2018), work for two performers, two webcams, two computers using facial recognition algorithms, video, and electronics in real-time. Composed, choreographed, and programmed by Daniel Zea. This presentation will discuss different strategies for the use of facial recognition algorithms during audio-visual performances, such as:

– the relationship between gestural capture and sound synthesis.

– face recognition and real-time text generation

– strategies for staging works using video generated in real-time

– the use of Laban notation as a tool for producing sound choreography


This talk will also address the sociological and political aspects of the utilization and role of the face in contemporary societies and its influence on the development of technologies of social control, marketing, and social networks in general. Finally, it will analyse the subversive role of the artist appropriating surveillance software such as face tracking algorithms for artistic purposes.

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Event dates
18 October, 14:00