Test audience wanted!
“Mobiliserad" (Mobilized) by Nea Landin & Gabriel Widing
Location: Black Room

Are you interested in participatory gameplays and interactive digital narratives (IDN) and want to be a test audience for the “Mobiliserad” (Mobilized) by Nea Landin & Gabriel Widing? Send a message with the subject “Mobilized: test audience” to info@iac.lu.se and save your place! There are only a few remaining places. First come, first served.

“Mobiliserad” (Mobilized) proposes a participatory, performing arts poetic exploration of the power and potential of the mobile phone to generate interactions, decision-making, movement and collective action. Instead of asking you to switch off your phone when you enter the space, you are encouraged to have it ready. The private mobile phone becomes the portal that brings you and the other participants into the reality of the work. The form is based on simple instructions and choices that appear on the screen via text, image and sound.

Nea Landin & Gabriel Widing – Nea Landin is a professional dancer, performer and artist. Gabriel Widing is a director and game designer. Together they will perform a Malmö premiere of their participatory, interactive work, “Mobiliserad” (Mobilized), where the audience activates themselves and each other by following instructions, making choices and interacting via mobile phones in a shared space.

Thursday, 31 August 2023, at 15:30
Location: Black Room
Duration: 45 min.

Registration: Send an email to info@iac.lu.se with the subject “Mobilized: test audience”.

Visit Nea Landin’s artist page

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Event dates
31 August, 15:30