The Disappearance And Return Of A Beloved – Performance
Jakob Riis, Emeli Ek, Henrik Lund Jørgensen
Location: Black Room

Free entrance, booking required:

The documentary material of “The Disappearance And Return Of A Beloved” is filmed in a newly built modern crematorium where the camera without comment follows the process of a cremation at a certain distance.

The project is conceived as a mix of documentary, installation and a musical approach to geräusch*. As a starting point documentary filming material will be displayed in a performative situation. The idea is to work alternatively with the form of the documentary and its elements by presenting the film in a way that allows the sounds and the soundscape to be created and applied to the images through a live performance.

* Geräusch (English “foley sound”, Swedish “tramp”) is a traditional technique for creating audio for movies.

Event dates
16 June, 18:00
16 June, 19:00
17 June, 14:00