The Mechanics of Breath
Heather Roche, Eva Zöllner
Location: Red Room

New music for accordion and clarinet

Clarinettist Heather Roche and accordionist Eva Zöllner are two of contemporary music’s most versatile and adaptable voices. Known for their independent travels in experimental performance and extended techniques, the duo comes together in concerts of constantly changing aesthetics and approaches. Adventurous music making, creative risk-taking and innovation characterize their work. In cooperation with composers from different parts of the world they create a new and exciting repertoire and bring it to the stage.

Music by: Alessandro Perini, Rachel Beja, Francesco Del Nero, Miki Manabe, Lina Järnegard, Jonatan Sersam

Heather Roche, clarinet
Eva Zöllner, accordion

Alessandro Perini – Phase/Perspective (8’45’’)
Lina Järnegard – I vind, vatten och väntan. Poems by Sylvia Plath 1956-1957 (7’)
Francesco Del Nero – Sul mare dove il cielo si lascia toccare (8’)
Miki Manabe* – Beat – time vibration (5’30’’)
Rachel Beja* – Petrichor (9’30’’)
Jonatan Sersam – passing lodestones (7’)

* winner of open call

A project by Ars Nova Society with Eva Zöllner and Heather Roche
Organised by Hertzbreakerz
With the financial support of Musikverket and in collaboration with: Lund Contemporary and Moderne Mandag

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Next concert at Lund Contemporary: 29 August at 15.00, Odeum, Paradisgatan 4, Lund

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Event dates
28 August, 19:00