The Sonic Storyboard / public lecture & opening
Diana Chester
Location: Black Room

Public lecture & opening of the exhibition: Friday, 14 June, at 15.00

The Sonic Storyboard is a project developed from recordings of the Islamic call to prayer, also known as the adhan, azhan, or namaaz. With these field recordings and corresponding photographs, Diana Chester will develop an interactive space where visitors to the exhibition become participants in the ever-changing soundscape of the space. The idea is to highlight human mediation of thought through human mediation of sound. The idea is to experiment with creating a space where people are self-aware of how their presence and participation augment the call to prayer and the sounds they hear. This self-conscious mediation is the goal of the work.

Diana is a Lecturer in Media Production at the University of Sydney.

Event dates
14 June, 15:00