They know we know they lie / Lecture performance
Lou Mouw, Isabella Solar Villaseca
Location: Black Room

‘They know we know they lie’ is a collaborative lecture performance between Lou Mouw and Isabella Solar Villaseca. The collaboration weaves together different forms of narratives about, within and around the right of housing within the time of aggressive neoliberal attacks onto the Scandinavian welfare model. Lou Mouw focuses on the city scape as an archive of remains that stayed visible, where nostalgic memories of former times coexist next to the identity shifting architectures of the neoliberal era, where housing is seen as a consumption product instead of a citizen’s right. Isabella Solar Villaseca takes the apartment as a form of scenography of marginalised experiences. Hereby it is about the correlation between forceful displacement, marginalisation and domestic architecture.

Friday, 21 February, at 19.00
Location: Black Room
Entrance code: 123


Event dates
21 February, 19:00