Tja chat, tjena chien, om härmning som förskjutning
Liv Strand & Marcus Doverud

Welcome to an evening with two works by choreographer Marcus Doverud and artist Liv Strand: the performance piece ‘Tja chat tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement’ (40 minutes) and a celebration by a short introduction of the new collaboratively written book ‘Viformation’ (We-formation).

‘Tja chat tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement’ departs from mime as a concept and a form of delivery. How something can be brought to experience and be understood, coexists with what it is to expose something through embodying it. Giving it another body. The displacement that the mimes brings about has to do with an embodiment. Basic to mime as stage performance is that another body, the imitating one, show a facet of what is mimed. In the work ‘Tja chat tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement’ imitation also happens by stories we tell. The performance was made 2016 for the performance festival Revolve in Uppsala.

‘Viformation’ (We-formation) is a book in the Swedish language. It is a collection of texts about what it is to become a we. Our we happens by doing and discussing together. The texts handle how co-existence and making things together is possible. A question that concern us all. To write as a ‘we’ asserts general issues also embracing a larger group. The book has several formats of text, via the writing we explore complex and playful ways of observing, expanding and using we-s. The book ‘Viformation’ is written by Marcus Doverud and Liv Strand over the last two years.

By the book ‘Viformation’ years of collaborative work is brought together, reflecting the specifics of this working configuration. What emerges when a bundle of persons insist on making a subjectivity, acting as one? Marcus Doverud and Liv Strand have met by their respectively artistic practices in writing the book along with shared interests in philosophy, poetry and media specificity.

Links to ‘Viformation’:

Marcus Doverud is working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied aesthetics and philosophy at Södertörn University College. His work moves between different stages dealing with bodily, spatial and sonic utterances and their interrelations. The performance ‘renaissance prenaissance’ (2015) revolved around sampling and choreographic staging of music. In 2016 the dance piece ‘cool cool uncool and loving warm’ was made together with the accomplished dancer Emma Daniel (FR). He has made several solo performances and has a longterm collaboration with visual artist Liv Strand which has resulted in a number of performances and a book.

Art for Liv Strand is a practice for physical materials to think along the unfolding of understanding. Understanding as explaining relations, and language. Processes and performances contiguous to matter, forming subjective suggestions as sculptures and installations. Some on-going collaborations functions as capacities for negotiation, concerning ways of doing together, and the topology of hierarchies. She has exhibited at Kunsthal Nikolaj, Copenhagen, at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, at Verkstad konstall, Norrköping. Liv Strand is based in Stockholm, and sometimes Berlin.

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Event dates
30 November, 19:00