TTP goes out in style!
Linda Blom, Maja Ellborg, Åsa Hoang, Konrad Holmqvist, Per Holmqvist, Julia Johansson, Emma Krafft, Em Lang, Jerome Ma Gylling, Kalle Syri, Amanda Wahlström
Location: Red Room

Welcome to the 10-year anniversary, funeral and innovative performance of Theatre Theory and Practice created by the 10th and last class of students. Now that the course is being laid in its final resting place, it is time to mourn, commemorate, conceptualize, analyze, contextualize, and stage in one final spectacular celebration at IAC.

Have a glass of bubbly and enjoy the presentation of performing arts theory and practice in a final swan song.

This performing art piece aims to enrich the entirety of Skåne regions and even the worlds cultural exchange and creative lifeblood. The target audience is everybody who wants to see the boundaries of the Swedish performing arts scene being pushed, everyone who wants to be thrilled and entertained, and all souls who dare and love to party.

You won’t want to miss this!

About TTP: Theatre Theory and Practice began 2011 as an official course of the center of Languague and Literature at Lunds University. This event is held as an official part of the “Theatre in Society” sub-course.

Event dates
4 March, 13:30