UNICORN – Artists in Solidarity invites you to three days of events and conversations
David Chichkan
Location: where Kristianstadsgatan meets Parkgatan

UNICORN – Artists in Solidarity runs a residency program for artists at risk. During this summer we have invited David Chichkan and Ganna Tsyba from Kiev, Ukraine for a one month residency. As part of the residency program we want to invite you to three days (5/8 – 7/8) of events and conversations in the roundabout where Kristianstadsgatan meets Parkgatan. During these three days David Chichkan will work to finalize a temporary mural.

We can see the world changing, but the changes are rather regressive. Looks like, a conservative revanche is happening all over the world, and, unfortunately, Sweden is not an exception. It appears that Ukraine and Sweden not only share the colors of the national flags. Since we are not only witnesses, we need to react. We are meeting to talk, to exchange experiences, to raise questions and to try to find answers.

We welcome you all to join the ongoing conversation and visit the Roundabout during the weekend. On Sunday the 7th we will end with a presentation of the mural and a public conversation between UNICORN and Ganna and David.

A schedule with additional information about what will happen during the days will eventually be presented in the Facebook event


David Chichkan is a Kyiv-based artist and activist. David is an anarchist; from 2010 till 2016 he was a member of Autonomus worker’s union (Ukraine), from 2014 till now he is a member of a Ukrainian libertarian organization Black rainbow. In 2014 David has launched a research initiative LCUD (Libertarian Club of Undeground Dialectics), that explores the philistine, widespread dimensions of right ideology in Ukraine. David’s main technique is graphics, watercolor.

Ganna Tsyba is a Kyiv-based journalist, critic, researcher and culturologist. Ganna is a PhD candidate majoring in the film and visual culture of the Perestroika period in USSR (1986-1991) and a member of the Visual Culture Research Centre (VCRC), a non-commercial leftists organization founded in 2008 as a platform for collaboration between academic, artistic, and activist communities. She is feminist, independent left activist.

Event dates
5 August, 00:00
6 August, 00:00
7 August, 00:00