USE IT WELL. Exhibition of sound installation.
Julie Nymann, Signe Raunkjær Holm
Location: Red Room

Friday, 18 March: 16.0020.00

Saturday, 19 March12.00–18.00 

Sunday, 20 March: 12.00–14.00 

“For me loneliness has always been something bad but it changed and I started liking to be lonely (…) it became something I desired very hard.”

A group of people reacted to a casting call titled “experiment about dance and loneliness” during lockdown last winter. They were invited as performers to the fictional ‘Red Room Institute’ that hosted something between a dance audition, a self-help radio show and a performance for a one-person audience. Anything they did was recorded solely by means of audio.

‘Use It Well’ is a 16-channel sound installation in which the spectator is surrounded by a massive soundscape of bodies. The soundscape oscillates between inner comments and attempts of reaching out, verbal and nonverbal communication, loneliness and togetherness. By leaving the visual space empty for the audience to fill in the blanks, ‘Use It Well’ wants to reconfigure ideas of presence and absence, intimacy and distance, and how we construct meaning when something is withheld from us. What happens to the representation of the bodies when the visual codes are removed?

The exhibition is a continuation of the Make Sound Residency untitled ‘Red Room Project’ that took place at IAC from December 2020 until 17 February 2021. Read more about the residency here.

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Event dates
18 March, 16:00
19 March, 12:00
20 March, 12:00