Vengeance Рscreening in connection with Soft City in Malm̦
Keren Cytter

Vengeance is a seven-part film in the style of warped daytime TV soap opera, an intence, fragmented epic saga of glamour and backstabbing in the advertising industry. Vengeance nails the genre conventions even as it breaks them open in a deadpan but merciless satire of the reduction of life to material aspiration.

Keren Cytter was born 1977 in Tel Aviv and lives and works in New York. She works with film, photography, performance, dance, theatre and poetry and has also published three well received novels. Recent exhibitions are: MOP VENGEANCE at Pilar Corrias in London, Video Art Manual at Diverse Works Art Space in Houston, Texas and Based on a True Story at Oakville Galleries in Oakville, USA

Event dates
4 September, 13:00
20 September, 13:00