Voicecloud: A Workshop in Voice + Voiceperformance
Felicia Konrad, Miguel Cortes, Anna Fält, Sara Wilén, Bruno Faria, Brita Björs
Location: Red Room

The open workshop in voice, the voiceperformance as well as the final conversation reflect on the experience of human voice in general. The quality in listening to others and to yourself as well as the basis to create authenticity and unexpected organic voice expressions is one red thread. The other is the intention to open up for the transformative powers of the voice. To let the voice guide and lead and transform in the stream of voice flows. A scream can transform to a tone, or vice versa, a laughter can transform to a rhythm or a whisper. A breath can grow to a melody, a grunt to a growl…

14:00-16:00    Open Workshop in Voice

17:00-18:30    Voiceclod (voiceperformance)

18:30-19:00    Conversation

See the detailed program on the Facebook event.

Participating and leading group:

Felicia Konrad, voiceperformer and singer/songwriter

Miguel Cortés, dancer and scenic artist

Anna Fält, versatile singer songwriter and singing teacher

Sara Wilén, opera singer and PhD in Artistic Research in Music

Brita Björs; singer, artist and composer

Bruno Faria; flutist, PhD in Soundpainting

Event dates
28 January, 14:00
28 January, 17:00
28 January, 18:30