When I Stopped to Playing Hard to Get – performance and exhibition in connection with Soft City in Malmö
Sandra Mujinga

Sandra Mujinga will present a new video installation in IAC’s café area with projections on large plexiglass plates. On the 11th the installation will be activated by a performance with both Sandra Mujinga herself and three models. The performance will be a continuation of her interest in Congolese weddings and footage of them that she finds online. For her the wedding presents itself as a paradoxical situation, at once embedded in tradition and consolidating power structures, in effect having as its function institutionalizing love, but at the same time serving as a indispensable arena for socializing, coming together, exercising love as community. Could the wedding be just as successful if at the end it was cancelled, could love be present without the union?

Instead of, as she has done previously, replacing the audio from the video with selfcomposed electronic music, this video will focus on working with a palette of non visible materials, in an attempt at creating a parallel social space. The question becomes one of whether the moment of experience can be represented, and through techniques of distortion, replacement, and recirculation, be translated back into experience again, salvaging the document of the event from a state of debris, dead material.

Sandra Mujinga (b. 1989, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo) is a Norwegian artist currently based in Malmö and works mainly with video, performance and electronic music. She recently graduated from Malmö Art Academy. Recent exhibitions include Bomber at Gallery Loyal in Stockholm, We will push the ship (…) at Malmö Konstmuseum and the Hot Show at Gallery Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen.

Event dates
11 September, 19:00