“Where it all happens” / video installation / Malmö Gallery Night
Helena Olsson
Location: VR/Sound Lab

“Where it all happens” is an ongoing work that revolves around the power relations between city and countryside, focusing on women’s situation. The video work is based on a material recorded during a trip through Sweden. It presents a host of women who are living alone in rural areas and who are making themselves more and more visible by by creating a Facebook group for women in a sparsely populated countryside – a growing resistance movement.

The group discusses and shares experiences on how women in rural areas experience a double oppression: by the gender power scheme and by the large city norms. The women speak about how the image of a lonely woman in the countryside looks like, about the expectations of moving or staying, about education and about the importance of the Facebook group.

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Shown at Malmö Gallery Night, 18.00-24.00, VR Sound/Lab.

Event dates
29 September, 18:00