Work in progress sharing: Bio Feedback Laboratory / Make Sound Residency
LYD PORT (Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp, Morten Schmidt)
Location: Black Room

Date: 25 April, at 15:00-17:00

Experience a drop-in installation of LYD PORT’s Biofeedback Laboratory. LYD PORT will share early versions of drums and microphone membranes made with kombucha SCOBY leather and early versions of their bone conductor headsets. LYD PORT shares fragments of their future performance Bio Feedback, with the first sketch of the scenography and video with fragments of the performance.

Bio Feedback investigates our relationship with microorganisms and explores how different properties of kombucha SCOBY translate into musical patterns and movements in the performance. What will happen if the kombucha SCOBY listens to different music? How will it affect the growth and other properties of the SCOBY? And how will it affect our mood and experience of the audience if surrounded by SCOBY leather?

Read more about the LYD PORT’s Make Sound Residency here.

LYD PORT is an interdisciplinary composer duo by Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp and Morten Schmidt. In their work they investigate sound, space, shapes and text. Working from a constant fascination with the theme of nature versus machine versus human, artificial versus organic, they seek tactility through installations, sculptures and performances. 

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Bio Feedback Laboratory, photo: LYD PORT

Event dates
25 April, 15:00