Workshop – Revet
The AI Party Pep Rally

Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, all events included the ‘Revet’ workshop that should be held at IAC will now take place online. Check out the programme to learn more about the registration.

During this workshop, Revet will introduce you to the process and work behind their newly written play ‘Nattygsbord’, based on text generated by an AI. You will be given scenes from the play to read and progress in smaller groups. We will discuss the experience of reading and listening to AI-generated text, what thoughts and emotions does it evoke? Which situations can we identify? How does one relate to material deriving from a worldmaking which is not defined by the human condition? Can we make sense of it?

Revet is an experimental performance collective, rejecting definition by form or expression. Revet has worked with and through puppy theatre, improvisation, poetry, vlogging, vocals and Euripides. Artificial Intelligence is their latest addition/addiction.

The AI Party Pep Rally

Initiated by the AI Party and facilitated by Bombina Bombast, The AI Party Pep Rally is a weeklong, cultural, political, critical and playful event exploring AI and Human relations. Taking place across several different cultural institutions in Malmö, with its headquarters at Bastionen, the event will include performances, lectures, larps, screenings and reading groups. Together with party representatives and a distinguished selection of local and international artists and thinkers we will create the first ever AI Party Manifesto and author guidelines for better and brighter futures. Be part of the change, get your ticket to the future now!

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Event dates
4 December, 13:00