Yann Coppier & Runar Magnusson
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2023
Location: Black Room

Edition# (Yann Coppier / Runar Magnusson) – a soft fall

“Edition#4 – a soft fall” is a polymorph multichannel piece of sound art, here performed on 10 loudspeakers. Originally created as a sound installation in Brønshøj Vandtårn, an old water tower in Denmark which has a fantastic reverberation (up to 35 seconds in the lower regions of the audible spectrum), the 10-loudspeaker system brings the audience into a soft fall, a place where time and decay are one and only. In connection with an artistic research project funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture, the piece was recorded using a specific technique which allowed the sound art duo Edition# to create a new type of space, which can be developed in virtual reality as well as in the real-world – so that the original piece can be accurately re-created with the full tower’s accoustics. It therefore currently exists in the virtual world as a music release of a new kind as well as a virtual sound art gallery project, and has been projected in various real acoustic places, using up to 48 loudspeakers.

With the help of Danish Arts Foundation, L.O.M. microphones and the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Edition# is a duo consisting of sound artists Yann Coppier (FR) & Runar Magnusson (IS/DK). They met in 2015 while performing for a live spacewalk streamed from the International Space Station, as parts of the noise collective Audionauts, and have since then collaborated on several occasions, both live and in the studio. The project Edition# was finalised in 2018, as an attempt to bring the ideas they have been sharing about sound installations and sound art into reality. Working both in physical and virtual spaces, and developing unusual scores, recording methods and live performances.

Read more about the artist duo Edition# – edition.is/works

Yann Coppier, a French living in Copenhagen, is a composer, sound artist and educator. After being head of the Sound line at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Den Danske Scenekunstskole) between 2014 and 2020, he is currently a freelance artist in Copenhagen, where he is developing new artistic research. He has composed and performed for theatre, contemporary dance and cinema, and has several releases under his belt, both solo and within other constellations.

Visit Yann Coppier’s artist page – studio-ovale.com

Runar Magnusson, an Icelandic / Dane living in Austria, is a composer and sound artist working with electronics sounds, field recordings and installations. He has presented works all over North America, Asia and Europe. Magnusson has done music for many performances and theatre pieces in Denmark and has been involved

Visit Runar Magnusson’s artist page – runarmagnusson.com

© Edition#1 – a soft fall – the tower, Yann Coppier & Runar Magnusson, 2023

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Event dates
22 September, 18:00
23 September, 12:00
24 September, 12:00