Sound Studio A

Studio A of 27,15 m2 is designed to be used both as a mixing and editing studio for sound and video, as well as a recording studio in connection with the Red room. There are 24 mic inputs and 8 return lines from the Red room to Studio A. It is also possible to connect the Digidesign Venue system with the MADI and record analog and digital signals from the Red room simultaneously.

The studio is equipped with a 5.1-system for surround mixing where LRC is ATC SCM50ASL and RL & RR is ATC SCM16. Subwoofer is an ATC C6 SUB.

There is one Mac Pro computer with DAWs like Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic and Ableton live installed. These DAWs can be controlled with the SSL AWS-mixer which acts as both an analog mixer and DAW controller surface. You can also easily connect your own laptop and use these same functions there.

Extra equipment such as external effect units and MIDI controllers can be installed for specific projects.