Filip Vest

Filip Vest

Filip Vest (b. 1995) lives in Copenhagen and holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Through performances, installations, films and texts, he examines queer love, loneliness and desire in the 21st century. His works deal with how objects are turned into humans, and how humans are turned into objects – and how the spaces we live in affects us. The characters are always a kind of hybrids, somewhere between abstract and concrete, talking and dumb, between animate and inanimate. Through mobile phones, walls and windows, they communicate and miscommunicate across species and time in a vast network of small and large things affecting each other: a talking wall, a group of walking potted plants or a bird falling in love with a statue.

Filip Vest has previously shown his works at The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Contemporary, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Charlottenborg, Tallinn Art Hall and at Manifesta13 among other places. 

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