Fredrik Trella

Fredrik Trella

Virtual Reality for cultural heritage mediation and artistic practices

Virtual reality is a technology with its modern roots in the 1960ies, but with philosophical origins dating back several centuries. With the latest generation of more user-friendly technology and lower cost the stage should be set for an artistic revolution, but why is the medium still considered just a curiosity among most people? And with the promises of the all-immersive experience, shouldn’t VR be the ultimate medium for reliving the past and giving new life to cultural heritage mediation? But then why is it still very rare to see VR-installations in museums? This lecture begins by exploring the basics of the technology, and goes on to diving into the concept of immersion and how that can be achieved. Then, we will look at how an impactful experience can be designed, including some hands-on pointers for achieving good VR-experiences before, before going into how the cross-section between art, pedagogics, didactics and VR is a mutually beneficial area to develop. We will then look specifically at VR for cultural heritage mediation, and the pitfalls and possibilities of that area. Last, we will look at a number of examples of VR-experiences pushing the boundaries in these fields (and some that failed to do so).

Fredrik Trella works as a researcher and developer within the field of interaction design and applied digitalisation at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. In his work he explores how modern technologies can be used to create new educational tools for museums, and has a particular focus on the use of Virtual Reality for new ways of cultural heritage mediation. He is also active in creating prototypes and concepts for implementation of VR in applications ranging for artistic practices (such as performative art and narration), elementary and upper secondary school, to training of operators for the industry and education for nurses and doctors. He is particularly interested in the immersive qualities of VR, and how this can be used disruptively in different sectors.

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The lecture is part of “1,2,3 Playtime. A lecture and workshop series in the field of gamification” organised by Inter Arts Center and financed by Region Skåne.

Photo credit: Fredrik Trella, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

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