Frozen in Amber

Frozen in Amber

‘Frozen in Amber’ is a poetic journey in which language circles itself, ciphered in resin and metal. With dystopian honesty, a collection of associative tableaux emerges through dance, music and voice. 

Together with Emelie Johansson, Kent Olofsson and Charlotta Andersson, the dance and stage artist Miguel Cortés create a scenic universe, colored by raw ProgMetal-influenced soundscapes and elements of lyrical guitar riffs. At times seductive, at times limiting, fragmented movement tableaux are swept in a monochrome amber-colored light to form a personal commentary on our accelerated contemporary life. 

With Frozen in Amber, Miguel Cortés continues his close collaboration with composer Kent Olofsson. Together they create a mix of movement, music and voice that turn into a personal and poetic road trip. Recently, they were seen together in the work Vägsjälar which guest starred at Atalante, Gothenburg and Bastionen, Malmö 2018. 

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