Gabriel Widing and Lundahl & Seitl

Gabriel Widing and Lundahl & Seitl


In this joint presentation we will learn from experiences by Nea Landin & Gabriel Widings explorations of the potential of immersive technology to stimulate new types of interactions, decision-making, movement and collective action that can provide an aesthetic experience.

The artistic duo Lundahl & Seitl will talk about their game-related works such as Garden of Ghost Flowers, an ongoing experiential lab of technology, resonance and non-human agency and also about Pseudomonas Fountain, a new commission of an AR work for the exhibition Vävda Rum. In this work the artists discuss reciprocity and the possibility of sharing a common world, within a monstrous digitally augmented aggregate. Can augmentation of realities afford a collective deepening and expansion of Hanna Arendts notion of common sense through a polyphony of different perspectives, including Umwelts that are more than human such as animals, plants, microbes, machines, weather systems and entire landscapes?

Gabriel Widing is an artist and game designer, interested in performance, play and participation. His artistic work often happens in the collective Nyxxx. I’m co-author of the book Deltagarkultur by Interacting Arts. He develops methods for participation and role-playing, for example through collaborative writing, games and performance art.

Lundahl & Seitl live and work in Stockholm. Their immersive solo projects reinterpret the medium of the exhibition as interpersonal processes via choreography, matter and time. Presented around the world, notably at Royal Academy of Art in 2014, Gropius-Bau in 2016, and Kunstmuseum Bonn in 2017. Group Exhibitions include the 8th Momentum Biennale of Nordic Contemporary Art 2015 (NO), ‘An Imagined Museum’ Centre Pompidou Metz 2016-2017 (FR), the 3rd Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016-2017 (IN), and a recent commission: Echoes of Alternative Histories at Staatstheater Kassel, which coincided with Documenta Fifteen. In the fall of 2022, the duo was visiting artists at the ACT Programme at MIT.

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