Honey Biba Beckerlee

Honey Biba Beckerlee

Honey Biba Beckerlee´s awarded project for Immersive Call#2 builds on her artwork “Cu in Circuit” – about the use of copper in computer memory and copper’s ability to contain technological, bodily and planetary memories. She investigates how immersive technologies reproduce notions of immateriality and the “mind / body dichotomy”, in the way we make and communicate through them. Moreover, what potentials might we find in these immersive technologies to tell differently: Would it be possible to make a game that averts (bodily and societal) escapism and instead use immersive technology as a critical space for engaging with the anthropocene and widen our sensibility and empathic abilities towards non-human and non-organic life?

Honey Biba Beckerlee holds a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, DK and Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, DE (2008) as well as a MA in Contemporary Art Theory, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK (2006). In 2017-2022 she was the recipient of The Novo Nordisk Foundation, PhD Scholarships in artistic practice research between Århus University and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. The research project aimed to make art works that evoke a new sensibility towards digital technology, which takes into account the earth’s limited resources, through a bodily rooted and new-materialist approach. The art installations renegotiate the established notions of the interfaces between our body, physical surroundings, nature and technology thus placing technology in a new decentralized perspective that is part of a complex more-than-human entanglement.

Visit Honey Biba Beckerlee’s artistic page – honeybibabeckerlee.com

Image: Cu in Circuit, Charlottenborg, photo by David Stjernholm

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