Video documentation: Immersive Days #1

Video documentation: Immersive Days #1

A hybrid gathering with both real workshops, installations and digital lectures!

Immersive Days #1 is both a network and a new annual gathering of professional artists, curators, researchers, technicians, teachers and students within a broad field of immersive technologies and (artistic) practices. The initiative functions as a continuation of several symposiums, workshops and research into immersive technologies in art.

Read more about the Immersive Days #1 here

Lundahl & Seitl and Untold Garden, The Virtual as Ability / Artist talk

Read more about the artists talk with Lundahl & Seitl here

Gibson / Martelli – VR performance works and investigations into performance technologies.

Read more about the artists presenation by Gibson / Martilli here

Maren Dagny Juell – Instructions and magic in institutional spaces with VR.

Read more about the artist presentation by Maren Dagny Juell

Celsius Projects – Exhibition presentation & lecture “All about: Something about the realities we share and the realities we don’t”

Read more about the lecture with Celsius Projects

Translating performing arts into a digital first interactive experience – how and why? Emma Bexell and Karen Toftegaard in conversation with Darshika Karunahara

Read more about the conversation with Emma Bexell, Karen Toftegaard and Darshika Karunahara

More videos will follow soon…

Immersive Days / lectures

A series of online talks and discussions in the run-up to the Immersive Days #1.

Lecture #2 with Mirabelle Jones

Read more about the webinar with Mirabelle Jones here

Lecture #4 with Tim Bishop

Read more about Tim Bishop’s presentation here

Photo credits: Maren Dagny Juell, Flexible Schedule, Riga Photography Biennial 2020