Justin Bennett: Secret Garden Malmö

Justin Bennett: Secret Garden Malmö

Justin Bennett (1964, UK) works with sound and image. He studied sculpture, electronic music and video art and much of his work combines sound, image, space and storytelling. Bennett makes solo and collaborative work for public spaces as well as art spaces and concert venues. He teaches at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag and is a member of Jubilee, platform for artistic research and production in Brussels.

‘Secret Garden Malmö’ is a locative audio-walk. It is based on the permanent piece located in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam, commissioned by Zone2Source. The piece has been adjusted to fit the Pildammsparken and includes new sound material. Listeners walk around the park using their own mobile phones and headphones, and an app. Their movements determine the composition and the mix of sounds resulting in an individual experience.

Working title of talk: New Babylon: listening to public space.

Visit Justin Bennett’s websites – justinbennett.nl or jubilee-art.org/

Photo: Justin Bennett

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