Absurdum Temporary Art: Motus plantae

Absurdum Temporary Art: Motus plantae

Ongoing project

A mapping of the movements, life and families of the Malmö indoor plants. 

“Plectranthus scutellarioides are a real Malmö plant, it is only in Malmö that really everyone has Plectranthus scutellarioides, they are probably all related to each other, if you were not given cuttings then you have stolen them”

We are tracking the family trees of Malmö indoor plants by asking where people got their cutting and who they gave a cutting from the same plant and so forth. We are also mapping where in the city the same plant has lived. 

The goal is to create an archive over the plant movements and lives that you can access through a digital interactive installation. 

The plants, who are supposed to have their roots in the ground, have with us, the people, gotten a new way of life. They are not rooted to the ground but move with us, from one second hand apartment to the next and reproduce through us, the people, who give away their baby leaves to friends and family. There are even fairs and markets where these baby leaves move from hand to hand. 

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