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IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors


Many inventions of modern life were born from errors – from the penicillin to the microwave. In a society where the eligibility of art is counted in sold tickets and the art institutions ensure their survival by playing it safe HAUT and Inter Arts Center (IAC) want to open for the experiment and the mistake.

With IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors HAUT and IAC invite interdisciplinary artists to join a residency where try-outs, errors and exchange are in the center. The residency offers space for experiments in process. Curious and explorative physical brainstorms where the artistic process starts in the making. We encourage work-in-process with a strong independent voice that is in need of time, support and attention to apply for this residency. Processes that can challenge the interdisciplinary field between dance, choreography, performing arts, fine arts and music with visions that point into the future or tell us something about the time we are living in through risk taking and the art of errors.

The residency falls into two parts. The first part is a one-week residency at HAUT in Copenhagen (October 2020). The other part is a one-week residency at IAC (March 2021). Both residency periods end with a public sharing and moderated feedback.

In your application, beside a description of your artistic experiment, we are interested in elaborations of why it is meaningful for your artistic process to apply for IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors. Why do you think HAUT and IAC are relevant collaborators for your work and how can we as institutions support the artistic process? We are also interested in knowing more about how the time between the two residency periods is useful for your process.

For both HAUT and IAC public sharings of the artistic process plays a central role. That is why we are curious to hear what opportunities you see in a public sharing of your process and how we can create a meaningful frame for conversation, reflection and feedback for your artistic process?

Download the summary “Open call Experiments and Errors” (PDF 29,2 kB, new tab)


Oona Libens, artist and musician with the project “Spider Threads”.

Read more about Oona’s project here


  • One week In Process in HAUT’s black box with the possibility to work with light and sound
  • One week In Process in IAC’s Black Room with access to workspaces and studio facilities for sound, video/photo and VR
  • Artistic feedback with the curatorial team
  • Public sharings of the process and moderated feedback
  • Fee 6.500 DKK per person per week (max five persons)
  • Limited budget for materials and support to travel CPH-Malmö round trip


Christian Skovbjerg Jensen is the director of Inter Arts Center and a freelance curator. He has organized and curated a wide range of public art projects, such as Sid Ned! (2006) and TUMULT (2010). Later he was one of the curators of the 6th Momentum Biennial (2011) and last year he curated the 2nd edition of Struer Tracks.

Naja Lee Jensen is the artistic director for HAUT. She is also a self-producing artist with an educational background from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and the Art Academy in Oslo. Her works has been shown at CLICK festival, CPH Stage and Dansehallerne.

Read more about HAUT –

The programme is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.