A Shrinking Emptiness
meaning, chaos and entropy
23 November 2017 - 25 November 2017

Arts and artistic research extract new knowledge by increasing entropy, and thereby increase the number of possible conclusions, while traditional research generally strives to reduce the entropy value to as close to zero as possible. Art, and perhaps also the related artistic research, is rather an open-ended process whose impulse is to continue – creating (affective) uncertainties. Broken symmetries as a means to increase the amount of information. How can we talk about the concept of access in these surroundings?

The overall project explores the artistic creation of meaning in musical and literary composition, and includes collaborations between composers and writers/poets.

The project (supported by the Swedish Research Council) visits the Inter Arts Center for the second time in order to develop a cross-disciplinary representation of compositional work resulting in archives of artistic materials. The group created an hour long sound installation in the Research Pavillion in Venice in June 2017, and is now preparing a new version for a performance in Stockholm in a conference on artistic research organised by the Swedish Research Council.

Anders Hultqvist, Ole Lutzow-Holm, Jakob Riis, Stefan Östersjö