Action//Text Malmö
‘Floor Scores’
15 August 2016 - 25 August 2016

Lisa Busby and Gabriel Bohm Calles are currently working at IAC, undertaking the first stage of an investigation to explore unprofessional frameworks, unheard sounds, untrained bodies; uncovering value in prosaic and overlooked gesture. Informed by their shared research interests in empowerment through the everyday and ‘availablism’, traditional club or gig experiences are deconstructed, and personal and sociocultural conventions and tropes interrogated and exploded. By creating a shared field of activity where their roles and actions become dissolved, transcending their respective fields of sound and movement, they are working towards understating how to ‘remix’ their own practices and reflecting on how this could inform our conception and enactment of research.


The collaboration is part of the project Action//Text, consisting of a series of case studies where Lisa Busby maps the processes of practice research and works towards outcomes that may embody more effectively the links between process and outcome, between action and text. The project seeks to develop and document reflexive relationships for making and dissemination in practice based research.


Lisa Busby is a London-based composer, vocalist, and bricoleur. She performs and composes with bands The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe, Rutger Hauser and Sleeps in Oysters, as well as working independently as a solo artist. She is particularly interested in using domestic or outdated playback media as instruments, but also works in text based score, installation and site specific performance. Throughout her work she explores the fringes of song, and how popular forms can be set in new and unusual contexts. Lisa is also Lecturer in Music at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she has designed and led courses in sampling, songwriting, music production, DIY music, and creative research. She also leads the research project Editions of You, celebrating self-releasing musicians and handmade editions.


Gabriel Bohm Calles works mainly with bodies in relation to specific environments – social, virtual and geographical – such as the work place or a social class. Inspired by his studies in the Japanese dance form butoh, he moves in the borderlands between dance and performance. The difference may appear razor thin, but by using the body as material for a conceptual investigation of experience, he attempts to bring in to focus the information discernible through its movements. Gabriel has performed and exhibited in various solo and group situations internationally including 24 Spaces at Malmö Konsthall, Five Days Of Collective Attempts at Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin and Undisclosed Territory at Studio Plesungan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lisa Busby, Gabriel Bohm Calles