Artistic research network in music
- presenting and communicating artistic research
25 August 2015 - 26 August 2015

There is a tendency that discussions concerning artistic research is kept theoretic, thus avoiding the most important aspect of the research: the artistic practice.
Even if practical obstacles (such as spaces, technology, equipment) are bypassed, there is still a need for the artist to figure out an efficient way in which the practice can be combined with other means of communication, or how it can stand by itself. If the practice cannot be presented “live” what kind of modes of representation are usable? How can knowledge about the practice be communicated to the audience in a way that may makes it useful?
These thoughts are the backdrop to this network meeting for artistic research in music in Sweden. Participants are invited to present their ongoing work, or parts of it, in a manner that includes the artistic practice and discuss means and methods. The number of presenters is limited and the goal is to get content and stylistic variation.

Tuesday August 25
12.00 Introductions and lunch
13.30 Alex Nowitz. The Multivocal Voice
14.10 PA Nilsson. Fill the Form with Sound
14.30 Maria Bania. Music, affect and materiality
14.50 David Myhr. This thing that didn’t exist before
15.50 Åsa Stjerna. Non-representational theory/immanent theory
16.10 Stefan Östersjö. Austerity Measures: approaches to explore the dynamics of composer-performer collaboration.
16.30 Listen to Thanh Thuy’s Inside/Outside
20.00 Performance
Wednesday August 26
9.30 Kent Olofsson. Text and documentation
10.00 Sara Wilén. TBA
10.30 Kim Hedås. Musik för gångbro, Malmö Live
11.15 Nguyen Thanh Thuy. Inside/Outside
11.45 Christian Skovbjerg Jensen. Presentation of IAC
12.30 Lunch and final discussions.
13.45 Conclusions – The future

Performance program Tuesday 25/8 20.00

Nguyen Thanh Thuy and PA Nilsson. Improvisation
Alex Nowitz. The Multivocal Voice
Katt Hernandez and Henrik Frisk. Improvisation
Stefan Östersjö, guitar. David Gorton: Austerity Measures I for 10-string

Maria Bania - Göteborg, Anders Carlsson - Göteborg, Marina Cyrino - Göteborg (PhD candidate), Henrik Frisk - Konstnärliga forskarskolan, Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm, Kim Hedås - Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm, Katt Hernandez - Malmö/Stockholm (PhD candidate), Anders Hultqvist - Göteborg, David Myhr - Piteå (PhD candidate), Per Anders Nilsson - Göteborg, Alex Novitz - Stockholm Uniarts (PhD candidate), Kent Olofsson - Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm (PhD candidate), Daniel Stighäll - Piteå (PhD candidate), Åsa Stjerna - Göteborg (PhD candidate), Joel Speerstra - Göteborg, Halla Steinunn - Malmö (PhD candidate), Nguyen Thanh Thuy - Malmö (PhD candidate), Sara Wilén - Malmö (PhD candidate), Stefan Östersjö - Malmö