Artists in residency
Hassan Khan, Uriel Barthelemi & Andre Vida
24 November 2017 - 8 December 2017

Minimalism, subtle dancing, shimmering noise, piano meltdowns, hypertrap and supersax.

Three musical mavericks on stage together for the first time. Internationally renowned for their very distinct instrumental voices, they intimately connect electronic and acoustic music and make genres shake their booties. They have been known to discover genealogies in the simple turn of a key. From Mr. Barthelemi’s tortured drums & electronics soundscapes and Mr. Khan’s balance between chaos and order to Mr. Vida’s complex harmonic architecture, saxophone journeys and funny man blasts this might just be the power trio you have been waiting for.

Uriel Barthelemi plays Drums and Electronics

Hassan Khan plays Feedbacking Mixer, Contact Mikes and Piano

Andre Vida plays Saxophone and Vocoder

A free public concert will be held at Inkonst on

Fri, 8 December 2017, 8-11 pm.

For more information visit INKONST.



Hassan Khan, Uriel Barthelemi, Andre Vida