Ballongarkivet – expected to stay?
Annelie Nilsson
5 March 2018 - 8 April 2018

A few hectares of farmland in a newly built district in Malmö arouse attraction by “The Balloon Archive”. Almost the whole mother soil of the district has been removed, except the farmland that has been reserved for a future large-scale experience park. There is a huge number of documents related to the field which is not visible on the spot. And maybe we can find traces of how humans have been organized earlier in history under the soil. Induced by the experiences of different people, balloon documents concerning the district’s mother soil and its connections will be produced in spring.

“The Balloon Archive” make it possible to explore common space through extended surfaces, spherical layers, non-searchability, uncontrolled airflows, internal pressures that expand the material and make the text readable.

More about the Annelie Nilsson’s Balloon Archive.

Annelie Nilsson