Bananskolen & Goodiepal
Make Sound Residency
24 October 2022 - 13 November 2022

Bananskolen (‘Banana School’) is a Copenhagen-based and self-organised alternative school initiated by the Goodiepal & Pals collective in which everyone is a student and teacher at the same time. Goodiepal & Pals also known as GP&PLs is a refugee and human smuggling organisation in disguise, operating on the borders of the European Union.

During their Make Sound residency Goodiepal and Bananskolen will create audio tracks in collaboration with artists from Malmö’s sound and music scene and invite to workshops and concerts.

Check out Bananskolen’s call here!

“Bananskolen is a completley FREE Nordic School of the Arts and this is ower program for the fall of 2022 – Everyone can join, but you have to give it your best, the same will we promiss to do – Yes it is that simple, so if you would like to join us in Malmö please Skype: Goodiepal” [sic!]

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Bananskolen, Goodiepal