Black Bird
Maria Naidu
7 November 2020 - 19 November 2020

Photographer Masahisa Fukases complex work is translated into a choreographic composition that blends movement, projections, soundscape, lighting in a cinematic collage. ‘Black Bird (working title)’ is inspired by the artistry of Fukase as well as his photographic series ‘Karasu’ (The solitude of Ravens) and revolves around the central themes of the series: isolation and tragedy at different levels of depth and abstraction.

The work also explores how equivalence can be achieved between projection and a living body in a stage setting. Various forms of projection are explored as interactive scenography as well as a possible tool for creating large scale polyphonic compositions using only one live body/voice.

The work has been developing in different artistic residencies in 2019 throughout Sweden. The work-period at IAC will be used to catalogue and further develop the material generated so far in order to produce the final score to be used at the performance period in November 2021 at Inkonst, Malmö.

A public showing is planned on the 25 of November 2020, at 18.30 at Inkonst –

The soundscape will be created by Kent Olofsson, Lightingdesign by Imre Zsibrik and stagecostumes will be developed by Ron Dutta.

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Maria Naidu, Imre Zsibrik, Kent Olofsson