Black Noise Wind
A sound project by Noise Against Fascism
1 May 2015 - 29 November 2015

During the first three weeks in May Mathias Kristersson will present a public work in process in the Black room. The musical project will change and develop over time and visitors are invited to take part of the process.

Instead of using musical instruments Mathias Kristersson will create wind and music with fans and wind machines. Featured are also performances with invited musicians and artists. The aim is to collect and compile shattered pieces and thoughts from a time of political anger and despair. And a wish to turn these destructive feelings into something constructive.

Mathias Kristersson’s preliminary practice is the one of a visual artist, but he also works with music under the name Noise Against Fascism. Intentionally, this exhibition aims at joining these activities and make them one. Kristersson wishes to expand what he considers a formal and static expression in his art production, and Noise Against Fascism allows a more violent and extreme aesthetic. Here lies the difference between body and mind, between emotion and intellecta. Maximal volume. Outlet for brutal fantasies. The need is the same for both states of creativity: the frustration that comes from constant lack of words.

Mathias Kristersson