Born Without Hands
This Frequency Will Activate the Gay Gene
8 July 2021 - 18 July 2021

‘Born Without Hands’ is a band / art group / urban shamanism collective consisting of three artists: Malmö based Leif Holmstrand – writer, poet, musician and artist dealing with among other things reproduction, garbage, bodies, transformations and grieving, Malmö based Maja Karlsson – composer and sound designer dealing with among other things deprivation, rebirth, bodies, transformations and alienation, and Copenhagen based Samuel A.D. Martín – composer and musician dealing with among other things nighttime radio transmissions, soft-noise collages, aliens and saints.

‘Born Without Hands’ aims to explore soundscapes, diving deeper into the layers the artists usually work with. It is a chorus with an unknown number of voices (belonging to an unknown number of species) giving thanks, praise and head, exorcising and conjuring all of this love wrath. The tools include prayer, knitting, terror, candelabras, breathing and dying. A visual room to harbour and nurture the music.

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Maja Karlsson, Leif Holmstrand, Samuel A.D. Martín