Christian Skjødt
The first resident through the Make Sound Residency
1 March 2017 - 30 April 2017

Artist and composer Christian Skjødt has been awarded a two-month stay at the IAC in the spring of 2017, where he will have the opportunity to further develop his artistic work dealing with phenomenological studies manifested as sound installations.

With an offset in the Russian scientist Leon Theremin’s (1886-1993) inventions, ranging from musical instruments and monitoring technology, he will be exploring artistic strategies that reveal generally imperceptible phenomena, herein expressing a material reality that is infinitely more complex than it appears.

Christian Skjødt is a Danish artist who explores the material and aesthetic interrelations between sound, bodies and memory. His installation works deal with the imperceptible. Working site-specific with sound as primary materiality Skjødt sets up autonomous systems out of which immersive and often performative environments emerge. Christian Skjødt currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, and holds a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark.

In the end of his residency he will present a new sound installation at Intonal Festival in April.

Christian Skjødt